It will be 7 years in June that I've been married to my "real cowboy". His name is Tony and he is one of the strongest, best-hearted men I know.  I met him about 11 years ago when he ran the corral here at the ranch and I was a very young, naive college girl that smiled my best smile when he helped me on my horse. He plays many many roles here at the ranch...ranch manager, horse trainer, teacher, counselor, spiritual mentor, daddy, and husband. He LOVES what he gets to be a part of here and it is because of him that we are on this great adventure.  I always describe him as a good man and it doesn't hurt that he looks so dang good in his black cowboy hat.  He loves and serves his Lord with all his heart and he does not shy away from anything.  He's a protector by nature and everything seems ok if he's around. 

      This is my first born child, Rebecca Grace. She has blessed our lives for four years now and I can't even remember life without her. She has the most tender, yet tenacious spirit. She desires to "mother" everyone from the dogs on the ranch to her own Mom. She is one of those children that remembers EVERYTHING! She is super sharp and loves to learn.  She loves being around people and because we are in the guest ranching industry, it is helpful that she is such an extrovert. Her dimples can brighten anyone's day and she does that for our guests and staff regularly. Becca is the perfect big sister, and as she learns to love and nurture her little brothers, I know she will be a great pace setter for both of them. Becca is "uniquely created" and is a living testament to the goodness of her Creator. 

This is my second-born child, William James. Will is a gift and has always been a fighter and a lover.  He is fun loving and his laughter can fill the entire ranch with joy. He LOVES every choo choo and tractor he sees and actually prays every night thanking the Lord for his "tractor vibeo." He is a very sensitive little guy, telling his mama that he loves her every day and loving unconditionally his brother and sister. Out of the same mouth, comes his dear, melt-your-heart unforgettable toddler voice and the whine heard around the world. I know I will dream one day about his dear two year old voice saying so sweetly, "cuse me, Mommy."  I pray every day that the Lord will make him strong in stature, heart, and mind.  He will never be duplicated and I love him more every day for his passion in life. I cannot imagine this family without our "Little Peanut". 

 Jack came out the womb without a care in the world. He is the happiest, easiest, funniest baby and has been so from day one. He was born November 23, 2009 and was in the NICU for two weeks. I still remember watching those sweet nurses mess with his hundreds of cords and telling Tony that we have a sweet boy on our hands. He slept through the night steadily at 8 weeks and he is the reason I knew I wanted a fourth child. He makes my days easier. His smile and his silly faces make us all laugh constantly. As you can see from the pictures, his hair could not be any lighter and his eyes any darker. Strangers comment regularly about his unique look. I know this boy will teach me all about just having fun in life. Tony and I joke that he will also be the teenager that we can't seem to motivate, but I know he will always be fun-loving and laid back. I love you, Jackpot!