About Me

       I am a ranch girl now, but originally a city girl that grew up in the suburbs of Little Rock. I met my husband ten years ago as I fulfilled a fantasy and worked at Lost Valley Guest Ranch during my college summers. Little did I know that ten years later I would be back on the ranch raising my family and married to my loving cowboy(which is an entirely different fantasy fulfilled.) I love my life and I love that it is not typical. I married Tony Warnock because I knew he would take me on an adventure and that is what my life and this blog is all about. By the grace of God, I continue to learn everyday more and more how to be an effective "ranch mom", but this blog should  pay tribute to what a steep learning curve I have had and continue to have.
        My passions include Jesus Christ, my husband, my three children, family, friendships, hospitality, teaching, and laughter.  Follow me as I embark and attempt to let the world in on our triumphs and shortcomings creating this life out here in the middle of the Pike National Forest. I consider this blog a triumph in and of itself.