Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trading Spaces

     We are in the process right now of trading houses with Molly and Jeremy, the other family on the ranch. We were fortunate enough to have some renovations done and this space will be much more fitting for a family of 6!!! Have you ever tried to trade houses before? My parents did it about a year and a half ago and I have a new respect for them. It has been like working a jigsaw puzzle:

Step 1: Renovate our new master bedroom and bathroom so that we can have storage for our entire house.
Step 2: Move our entire house into our future bedroom.
Step 3: Lay new carpet up at our old house for our future residents.
Step 4: Move Molly and Jeremy up to their new house.
Step 5: Have carpets cleaned in new house.
Step 6: Move in and enjoy!

    So, at this very moment, my 3 kiddos, my pregnant belly, and my computer are residing in one of our guest cabins...this is one of the conveniences of the business we run. Pray for us!!! I am so excited about change and look forward to showing you more of a finished product, but for now these are the pictures that represent my upheaval. 

So, this is the master bedroom, currently a holding place for all of our belongings. But, I can't wait for the reveal because right outside my my front door this throne is still sitting.
Yes, that is a blue toilet. This came out of the master bathroom that we just renovated!!! I can't wait to show you what has taken its place. 

     For those of you keeping up, here are a few images of walking through our deconstructed lobby right now. They are working oh so hard and I love watching the progress. I might be more excited about the lobby right now than my not-so-blue toilet!


Molly said...

We're on step 4 today!!! Hang in there Brookie. Of course, it is 5:30 in the morning and no one else is awake to get started but me, oh, and Mary... :-) Just as excited to see all the changes around here at Brooke is, but I will miss that TURQUOISE toilet..."blue" just don't capture it's true color...

Judith said...

Brooke. This is so exciting. I so look forward to seeing all the changes.

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