Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trading Spaces

     We are in the process right now of trading houses with Molly and Jeremy, the other family on the ranch. We were fortunate enough to have some renovations done and this space will be much more fitting for a family of 6!!! Have you ever tried to trade houses before? My parents did it about a year and a half ago and I have a new respect for them. It has been like working a jigsaw puzzle:

Step 1: Renovate our new master bedroom and bathroom so that we can have storage for our entire house.
Step 2: Move our entire house into our future bedroom.
Step 3: Lay new carpet up at our old house for our future residents.
Step 4: Move Molly and Jeremy up to their new house.
Step 5: Have carpets cleaned in new house.
Step 6: Move in and enjoy!

    So, at this very moment, my 3 kiddos, my pregnant belly, and my computer are residing in one of our guest cabins...this is one of the conveniences of the business we run. Pray for us!!! I am so excited about change and look forward to showing you more of a finished product, but for now these are the pictures that represent my upheaval. 

So, this is the master bedroom, currently a holding place for all of our belongings. But, I can't wait for the reveal because right outside my my front door this throne is still sitting.
Yes, that is a blue toilet. This came out of the master bathroom that we just renovated!!! I can't wait to show you what has taken its place. 

     For those of you keeping up, here are a few images of walking through our deconstructed lobby right now. They are working oh so hard and I love watching the progress. I might be more excited about the lobby right now than my not-so-blue toilet!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Soaring Blessing

    Yesterday was Sunday and I was recovering from a cold and recovering from my husband also being out of town for 5 days. I decided that morning that we were all up to worshipping God corporately at church (or just didn't want to do another day by myself at the ranch). It is rare to be able to actually attend church on Sunday mornings, but while the ranch is still closed down we have weekends off and take full advantage. With husband out of town, 3 kids in tow, recovering from much phlegm, and our typical 3 hour round trip off we went. 

   As I hit the 9 mile dirt road once again and felt the routine tug at my heart to be flustered and discontent about living so far from convenience, I quietly surrendered to the time God had for me on that road. It truly was a peaceful drive. On this very sunny, blue-skyed day, I peaked a hill 2 miles from the ranch and in my peripheral vision saw the biggest bird I had ever seen. I honestly considered what the heck a pelican was doing in the Rocky Mountains and as the sun shone even brighter on the creature's white tail feathers, I realized I was driving along side of a rare sighting of a bald eagle. I had never seen one so close. I could not contain my excitement, waking my two boys and trying to spot the bird for my daughter, not one of them was able to participate in my excitement. I will never forget it and I am once again thankful for the splendor God has for me in my 9 miles. 

    I could not help but meditate on a promise in Isaiah 40:31 and "those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength, they will mount up with wings like eagles..." I have never had such a clear vision of that promise. That eagle was HUGE and this is the kind of grace and strength the Lord desires to give us. Is this what I portray to this dying world? Am I an eagle that anyone and everyone wants to just get a glimpse of? More likely, I am the frantic, puny black bird that most of us consider a bad omen.  I am thankful that my Lord is always waiting on me as I learn to wait on Him.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We are back!!!!

  We have returned to ranch life. This means we have returned to renovations, moving, homeschooling, and the weekly schedule of driving back and forth to Bible Study, ballet, and errands in town.  I am having a difficult time getting my blogging feet back under me, however within the last week there has been something very worth while to show each of you.

  Before we had left for Christmas break, our management team decided that we could not put off renovating our lobby any longer. I am so excited and honored to be a part of the decision making process and to observe as piece by piece this face lift happens. We do not open up until February 18th and we should have our new lobby mostly complete. I thought I might include you in the process. For some of you, it will be so exciting to see how it is transformed. But for others, you might have to mourn change on the ranch. (Our guests are not exactly used to change at Lost Valley.)  Here are the first few days of demo and the first few days of change. I can't wait to show you the progress.