Friday, December 9, 2011

Close down!

    After a huge Thanksgiving weekend our gates are closed. It is very different not having swarms of people all over the ranch, but it is a much needed break for all of us.  It is unusual to only worry about feeding ourselves and the horses, to not have to clean the public restrooms two times a day, and to have a lodge where the lights stay off and the doors stay closed. I am appreciating the silence right now, but come February I will be ready for life and noise once again. Just to give you a little bit of insight into this strange feeling, I need to recap the last couple weeks for you. We have alot to catch up on. 
   We were able to celebrate with all of our staff and have Jack's 2nd birthday party up in what we call the Round-up Room. This is our conference and meeting room on the second story of our lodge. I get to look at birthday parties differently when we are shut down. I had the idea to bring in a bouncy house and then that idea led to actually buying a bouncy house for us to use all winter long.  So, now we've turned our conference room into a jungle gym for these months we're closed.  It has been our sanity!!!

I love you Birthday Boy!

   The night after Jack's birthday our management team put on a Christmas party for our staff that serve us so faithfully. We held a "cocktail" party in the dining room and the McClish's and the Warnock's cooked and served dinner for all of our staff who were just able to sit and relax. It was so fun to give back and let them be the recipients of our 4 diamond service.  Our staff is truly amazing!!!!!! The Fosters then hosted a dessert at their house and we had some sad good byes to say as we paid tribute to our employees that had worked at the ranch for over a year.  Our dear friend, Hammie, is leaving us and next season will be the first season at the ranch for the Warnocks to be without Hammie!!! I am in complete denial! It was an emotional night, but such a sweet night to be with so many people we love!

This is another sad good bye! CK, I all ready miss you!

Merry Christmas from Lost Valley Ranch...until 2012!


chelsea said...

I am so happy and sad ... got Bob's letter ... gotta tell you, bouncy house sounds amazing! Hope we get to come visit soon - I cannot imagine my children not growing up dreaming of the Ranch! Give Darcy a big hug from me please!

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