Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Lost Valley Thanksgiving

    There is nothing like it and this year I was very thankful to be spending the holiday with 167 people in our dining room. Our Thanksgiving weekend is booked months in advance and one of our favorite weekends of the year. Every cabin is full, every seat is full, and every serving platter in our commercial sized kitchen is used.  This year, we decided to attempt a "Martha Stewart" original and welcome our guests with a turkey made entirely of fresh produce. Our head chef made 40 jars of homemade apple butter for each family to take home and our centerpieces were made up of pumpkins (that my staff girls retrieved from the pumpkin patch about a month before) and white spider mums. I am thankful every year for the feast we get to be a part of and for the people that have become like family to us this time of year.  It takes an incredibly talented staff to pull off 13 cooked turkeys, 8 pumpkin pies, 40 jars of apple butter, 85 horses saddled to ride, a very competitive "turkey bowl" football game, and a talent show for the best of them. Thank you staff and guests for making this an unforgettable Thanksgiving!

Even Becca was able to help turn cupcakes
into turkeys.
This is the homemade turkey that welcomed our guests
to the cold line. ( He was our creation named "Godfrey")
Let the gorging begin.

The dessert table that could easily
be called sinful.

The table we gathered around.

And a family that I could not be more thankful for.


Anonymous said...

Now that my friend sounds & looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!!!!

Beth said...

I made my first turkey this year for a thanksgiving party the people sponsoring my scholarship hosted. It was dry but tasty

LittleRia said...

How are you Brooke? I'd love to chat sometime! I have a wedding question for you!!

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