Friday, October 21, 2011

Our girl is growing.

    A couple posts ago, I shared my anticipation of change this fall. The fall is upon us and our 4 year old is changing in amazing ways everyday.  I wanted to give you a few updates on these changes we're experiencing and how the good Lord is carrying us after the summer we had. 

1. Homeschooling
      I am LOVING it! Becca and I sit down three times each week in the middle of our busy home and the busy boys and work through the "Rod and Staff" curriculum that came highly recommended to me. As a proud mother and now teacher, I can say I have a smart cookie on my hands. We laugh, we pray, we count, we trace, we color, and we learn together. I taught 4th grade for 4 years and I love getting back to what I feel I was created to do and I LOVE teaching my little girl. I am learning she is afraid to fail, she loves order, and she has a strong desire to do it just right. I am daily thankful that as she learns how to write her numbers, I am learning how to teach, love, and nurture my little girl. 
     Now, as picture perfect as it sounds, please know that as we sit at that sweet little school table in the middle of our small double wide, there are little boys in the back ground shooting off nerf guns, turning crayons into guns, and turning themselves into guns. There is yelling, screaming, laughing, crying, and every other human emotion that a 3 and a 2 year old make very loundly. But, it works! I was told that, but I hesitantly believed that Becca and I could get anything accomplished with her little brothers around. We are making this a part of our routine and it does work! Today, I am thankful for the change that homeschooling brought and I will keep you posted on our journey.

2. Reborn

  Becca and I drive in together every Monday for her 45 minute ballet class. (So, yes I drive an hour and a half one way 3 times a week now.) The boys are babysat and we have a "girly" day each week in town. Last week, as we were still on the dirt road, Becca was asking about her grandparents and what has happened to Daddy's Grandpa. I told her that he had died and was with Jesus. She also remembered that this was what happened to our baby girl, Lucy Hope. There was a quiet pause and I heard from the back seat, "Mommy, I'm scared to die." I asked her about that and then explained why I was not scared to die, that I actually look forward to being with Jesus and not suffering anymore. 
     I shared my faith with my 4 year old. I told her about my hope even for my dead baby girl that the good Lord has given me. I will see her one day.  All by herself, she asked how she could have that. I explained that she can pray a prayer and accept that Jesus died for her and has forgiven her sins so that she could go to Heaven. I told her that we could talk about this more with Daddy that night if she would like. She promptly announced, "Mommy, I need to do that right now!" In the middle of that 9 mile dirt road, my little girl became clean. She pronounced Jesus as her Savior and we celebrated. She had lots of questions and that's all we talked about the entire way into ballet.  (That day, she was a "cushion" several times instead of a "Christian")
    I curse that drive some days, but I love that the Lord appoints that drive for our family. I was incredibly sad about saying good bye to our 4th child, but the Lord knew that her short life would bring eternal life to our first child. Once again, He reminds me these children are not mine and that He is good.
We did celebrate her "spiritual" birthday that night!

3. Riding
    This girl loves to ride a horse and now she is old enough to go out on the trail by herself. Last week, we had a few little girls as guests out here. Becca really hit it off with a couple of them.  She became that teenage girl to me who came to me each day and would ask if she could go ride with her friends. This actually came out of her mouth, "Mom, everyone is going." Becca, you are 4 not 14!!!! But, I just can't get over the change that comes with her independence. It was a great week and I am learning to embrace that change. But, I am learning as her mom that I have to change with her. This is what I desired this fall...change! And change is here. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers. 


The Coach's Wife said...

So happy to read your post today Brooke! Most of all to hear of Becca's yearning for salvation and praying her prayer to believe in Jesus.And that Lucy (and the HS) prompted it all.
So neat to know you are homeschooling, having those drives to ballet, ...seeing Becca grow up! She is adorable and I wish I got to see your family more. All these cousins!!!
Hugs to all!

Laura said...

As I read this, my heart is overflowing with joy as my eyes fill up with tears. It seems like just yesterday she was saying her first words and now she has accepting Christ into her life. Seeing how God can bring such good out of sorrow is a wonderful reminder of his sovereignty and love. Thanks Brooke for sharing this! Please give her a hug for me

michelle said...

You don't know me but I found your blog a few months ago and have enjoyed visiting it regularly. I was initially drawn because you live on a ranch & have horses (I grew up in the country & love horses) and because of your name. (My baby girl who will turn one next month shares your name. :) But seeing your journey, your walk with the Lord, your homeschooling venture and the fact you're a mother to young ones has hooked me even more. I just want to thank you for sharing your heart in such a venue that allows God to use it to bless strangers on the other side of the country. May God continue to bless you richly.

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