Thursday, October 13, 2011


     How have you let me go this long without introducing you to Jack and adding him to my "Family" tab? I will begin this introduction by pointing out the most "special" characteristic of Jack...he is now walking!!!!!!  Yes, he is my 23 month old that is finally using the muscles in his legs that the good Lord gave him. This does say it all about Jack. He came out the womb without a care in the world. He is the happiest, easiest, funniest baby and has been so from day one.

      Jack was born November 23, 2009 and was in the NICU for two weeks. I still remember watching those sweet nurses mess with his hundreds of cords and telling Tony that we have a sweet boy on our hands. He slept through the night steadily at 8 weeks and he is the reason I knew I wanted a fourth child. He makes my days easier. His smile and his silly faces make us all laugh constantly. As you can see from the pictures, his hair could not be any lighter and his eyes any darker. Strangers comment regularly about his unique look. His hair usually is sticking up in all directions and it fits him just right. 

      Jack continues to grow and develop at a slow but steady rate. He is now attempting many words and lets out a "pterodactyl" scream to let us know that he is happy or mad about something. Yesterday, I was able to drop him off at the nursery and he had graduated since he is now using his legs in life. He was able to do his first "art project", where he had colored two hand puppets of Bible characters. I tried to take them out of his hand so that he could hold mine and that "pterodactyl" scream soon followed. He held them for the next hour. He was so proud! I love this little man and I thank God for his joy and care-free outlook on life everyday. I know he has all ready made me a better mama.

Here are some Jackpot highlights:

I can't believe my baby is almost 2 years old! He is a blessing in our lives everyday!


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