Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is there such thing as "balance"? hear people talk about it, they pray for it, I pray for it, but is that something we experience on this side of heaven? I contemplate the last couple weeks (while I have not been blogging) and I would consider it more of a juggling act than a balancing act. Here have been my balls in the air  the last two weeks(there are quite a few, but I need to catch up with all you people, so hang on)...

1. Family
Here are some shots with my family I took on a morning fishing trip. I think that was about 2 weeks ago and we haven't all been together since.  I love these mornings of enjoying God's creation and watching all of our little ones find peace in our presence.

2. Staff
Here are a few pictures as we trained staff for summer orientation. We had fun times and more serious times. I still have several that I don't think I have even had a conversation with, but that will come. I think this is one of the best staff I've had the privilege of being a part of. 

3. Dance Recital
Right in the middle of opening weekend at the ranch, Becca had her very first dance recital. She was a star and after rehearsal and after the recital, she came off the stage saying, "Mommy, I just loved that...can I do it again?"  We were so proud of her! She even had some of her "ranch family" come to cheer her on. Thank you Hammie, Laura-loo, and Kellie! You love our daughter so unconditionally!

4. Wedding (the same day as the recital)
Two our our past staff members got married. There is a no dating policy while working at the ranch, but it is quite amazing how many of them still get married...funny how that works.  We could not be prouder of this couple! Hannah and Brad are going to be used by God in might ways and I can't wait to see what lies ahead for them. Love you both!

5. A New Nephew
I just flew back from Austin, TX and met my new nephew from Rawanda. Watching my sister and brother-in-law persevere through this thing called adoption has opened my eyes to the Lord's love for us in a brand new way. Cooper was chosen to be part of their family and being around him only affirmed that even more. It was truly a blessing and he is one of the greatest blessings in my life now.

6. Pregnancy Brain
I have to add this one, because it is truly the reason I've been absent from my blog. It is amazing after juggling all these other balls how little energy I have for the rest of my world. Even as I type, I am energized by the blessings in my life, but these blessings have a way of making me tired, as well. My plan is to have you follow a summer week at the ranch coming soon. And, hopefully, that will give even more insight into why the heck I'm devoting my life to this incredible place. Until then, I will pray for peace, still moments, and a right perspective on how fortunate I am. 


etta said...

Amazing, truly amazing. Energy, full of energy. Blessing, to everyone. Thank you for all you do.

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