Friday, May 6, 2011

Back to my Roots

     I just returned from a trip back to my home town. My brave mom and I traveled with three small children back to Arkansas for a quick trip after Easter. It had been a while and it was so good to be back in the city.  My parents are so gracious to always give me a good dose of "city life" when I go and stay with them. Here are some of the highlights...

1. Movin' on Up!

I temporarily move from my double wide trailer to this! It's like staying in a hotel. My parents have added on the most amazing playroom for the kids and there is SO much space for them to run and play!

2. Friends

I have the rare opportunity of staying so close to several of my high school even junior high friends. They are incredible blessings in my life. This picture was taken last year, but it's quite amazing that we pick up right where we left off. I see most of these girls every time I go home. It includes a girls' night out where we reminisce about the past, strategize our present, and dream about the future. They are irreplaceable!

3. The Pampering

These are my pedicured feet! You can only imagine when living 2 hours from town, with three children under 5, and on a ranch how desperately I needed this. My parents spoil us rotten when we come to stay with them. It usually includes shopping, a nice meal, hair appointment, or pedicures. I love my parents and we are blessed by their generosity and involvement in our lives daily. I couldn't do this life without them. Thank you, Mom and Dad for another great visit!

4. Family

I was able to see one of my two sisters while I was in Arkansas. She threw her 2 year old son an incredible birthday party. (You can go to to see pictures.) She has a gift! The best part was playing with my sister, mom, and cousin Sawyer. You can see they have a ball together.  And aren't sisters the best? We wish we lived on the same street!

5. Coming back home...

Coming back to my very small double wide with no cell phone coverage out in the middle of nowhere is still so refreshing. I can usually leave "city life" and crave again the simplicity of "ranch life". I am a busy mother of three with a ranch to run, but still love how simple our lives are. I am a city girl by birth, but I am a ranch girl now by choice and appreciate every minute of it. 


Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Love this Brookie!!! It makes me miss you SO MUCH!!! I miss our many nights of spending the night...talking to your mom while typing my papers....and hanging out with all of our friends non-stop. Love you and so glad you had a great time!!

Boonies in the Boonies said...

Ok, I have to say a part of me is soooo jealous of your ranch life! I love that you have a big ranch "family," the simplicity and probably not as much "keeping up with the Jones'" or just worrying about frivalous things. I try and try to put myself in a simplistic state of mind ... but it's way difficult here. I just lovvveeee your blog oh-so-much!!
And, so fun that you had some r & r with your mom and sister. There is nothing more refreshing and just ... soul-filling ... like being with your favorite girls who love you like they do.
Glad you got a mini-vacay!!

Aly said...

Love this. And the picture of will and sawyer leaning on jack is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Hey would love if you stoped by my booger and hopefully followed!!


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