Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yes, we square dance...

A guest ranch would not be a guest ranch without a square dance (or as my hubby likes to say, "a dance of geometric patterns"). I finally got my camera up and running and wanted to show you some footage from our square dance tonight. The kiddos have been to well over a hundred of them and yet, they are more than elated every time.  Will usually asks every cute staff girl to dance and Becca's favorite is the "Cotton Eyed Joe". Jack is a very content spectator. It's amazing how corny a square dance can be, but how much everybody loves it. 

Will and our head wrangler, Charlie! 
Our dear Jack who is still trying to figure out how to square dance.

Tony, J. Ham, and a dear old friend, Dace, doing the "chicken dance".


Somewhere Over The Rainbow said...

This was one of my very favorite things as a guest and a staffer! It's amazing to see people loosen up that normally wouldn't do stuff like this. So fun. By the way, CONGRATS on #4!!!!!!!

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