Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in "The Valley"

     One of my favorite parts of my role on the ranch is incorporating special details in order to make memories for my family and our guests at Lost Valley. I am usually motivated to try hard to create "Warnock" traditions for my family to feel a sense of unity, but I am always thinking through how to make a holiday weekend even more unforgettable for all of the families that come to stay here.  This last weekend was Easter, the celebration of our Christ's resurrection, and we had many things to celebrate. I thought I would share our weekend through pictures...

Saturday afternoon is egg dyeing with our guests...
eggs, eggs...

and more eggs!
This year I decided to add Easter cookie decorating as well...
it seemed to be a hit!

Becca Boo and her VERY glittery, sprinkly flower.
My munchkins getting their Easter day baskets.

The bell is rung for the hunt.

The hunters are gathered.

Becca and Will...why does it always look like she
wants to strangle him ?

Proud finder of eggs.

Will was happy with two eggs and then he just wanted to eat them.
My cute mom, affectionately called Dae, was here to make the
entire weekend perfect.

The Ranch Kids!

Jack just wanted to keep an egg in each hand.

Lunch is ready and it was quite a spread!

My cute cowboys!

My dear friend Molly!
The Warnock Easter picture 2011


Judith said...

Brooke. You really should have the title "Hospitality Manager"

Anonymous said...

Oh Brooke,
I love all these pictures. Gosh how I miss the ranch. Love you bunches!!!

guest.ranch said...

Honey, just wanted to say thanks for all you do here and for our family. I'm always amazed at your capacity for creating special memories and occasions.

And it's not often someone gets to cram church, moving steers, and hunting easter eggs into one morning.

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I want to live on a Ranch this looks like so much fun. I love the cookie idea

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