Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in "The Valley"

     One of my favorite parts of my role on the ranch is incorporating special details in order to make memories for my family and our guests at Lost Valley. I am usually motivated to try hard to create "Warnock" traditions for my family to feel a sense of unity, but I am always thinking through how to make a holiday weekend even more unforgettable for all of the families that come to stay here.  This last weekend was Easter, the celebration of our Christ's resurrection, and we had many things to celebrate. I thought I would share our weekend through pictures...

Saturday afternoon is egg dyeing with our guests...
eggs, eggs...

and more eggs!
This year I decided to add Easter cookie decorating as well...
it seemed to be a hit!

Becca Boo and her VERY glittery, sprinkly flower.
My munchkins getting their Easter day baskets.

The bell is rung for the hunt.

The hunters are gathered.

Becca and Will...why does it always look like she
wants to strangle him ?

Proud finder of eggs.

Will was happy with two eggs and then he just wanted to eat them.
My cute mom, affectionately called Dae, was here to make the
entire weekend perfect.

The Ranch Kids!

Jack just wanted to keep an egg in each hand.

Lunch is ready and it was quite a spread!

My cute cowboys!

My dear friend Molly!
The Warnock Easter picture 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a "Good Friday"

        I don't know how many of you will read this tonight, but I wanted to share a very easy and very powerful thing to do with your kids tonight. You can also save it for next year.  I am not a crafty mom, but I appreciate meaningful visual things to do that do not require any glue gunning or pipe cleaners. My dear ranch friend, Darcy, told me about this as I had desired for our munchkins to understand more about Easter than bunnies and candy.  

     So, today is Good Friday and it is the day that we recognize as Christ's death. This morning we started the day with my dear husband telling his munchkins all about His death on a cross and why He had to die. He pulled out a nail and taught them how it represents the nails that pierced Jesus' hands and feet. Then, we carried the nail in our pockets all day.  (Maybe only safe for 4 and older.)

    Tomorrow is the day we will exchange those nails for a rock. And my preacher of a husband will then explain how the rock represents our sin that Jesus died for and the tomb that He was buried in. You might even want to write out a sin for your older kids on the rock. They will then carry this rock in their pocket for the day. 

    Finally, Sunday is Easter and when my munchkins wake up, we will first throw out the rock that they've carried for 24 hours and replace it with a flower of their choosing. We then get to celebrate our sin being washed away, because Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice and then was resurrected from death. Now, that is a reason to celebrate with bunnies and candy. I know my youngsters might not understand all of it, but, don't visuals help us all to remember?  Happy Easter to all of you and remember to take the time to teach what this celebration is all about. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yes, we square dance...

A guest ranch would not be a guest ranch without a square dance (or as my hubby likes to say, "a dance of geometric patterns"). I finally got my camera up and running and wanted to show you some footage from our square dance tonight. The kiddos have been to well over a hundred of them and yet, they are more than elated every time.  Will usually asks every cute staff girl to dance and Becca's favorite is the "Cotton Eyed Joe". Jack is a very content spectator. It's amazing how corny a square dance can be, but how much everybody loves it. 

Will and our head wrangler, Charlie! 
Our dear Jack who is still trying to figure out how to square dance.

Tony, J. Ham, and a dear old friend, Dace, doing the "chicken dance".

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Helicopter or horse?

Some cowboys ride horses to find their cows, but my cowboy opts for a better mode of transportation.  Tony got picked up this morning by one of our very gracious previous guests to go out and look for some of our stragglers from last years' herd. Let's just say it was a highlight for the kids and I to see Daddy fly away today. Oh, ranch life!
What a Life!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh you darn kidney!

Well, I am fighting a kidney infection, a UTI, and a cold all at the same time! Can't you live with just one kidney, because based on these last few days, I'd rather. I miss you, bloggers and can't seem to get my feet back under me. After not having my camera and now being sick, I am prone to not blogging. 

On a much more elevated note, the skies out my windows are bluer than I've ever seen them and I've been able to drug myself to sleep for the last three days. I am rested and feeling a little better today, so I'm writing. One of the wonderful parts of my ranch life is that I have these 30 staff that are my family to help me do life. I have had around the clock help with my kids, I have had banana bread, pumpkin muffins, Fizzy Izzies, Gatorade, crackers, and homemade chicken n' dumplings all brought right up to my house without even asking. I had to go to the doctor again yesterday and when I got back my wonderful cabin girls had cleaned my house. I know I live down a 9-mile dirt road(which yesterday was a day that I was cussing every bump in the road), but it's times like this I feel like I live at a Four Seasons. I know our guests are changed so often by our staff's hospitality, but this week I've been changed and always will be. Thank you, ranch family!
This is my cute babysitter, Brittany, and my munchkin Will.
She's one of the many that has made this week work.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gone Fishin!

Lost Valley Ranch is situated with a stocked pond, a beautiful running creek, and a gold medal river that's just a horseback ride away. So, fishing is one of the many activities you can do here besides horseback riding. My cowboy loves to fish and he took the two older munchkins fishing yesterday. He took his extremely nice fly rod and Becca took her little Barbie rod and guess which one caught this...

I just love these people and look at the size of that trout!