Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lone Skier

      I am one of those that has never been to a movie by myself or even can't recall sitting in a restaurant by myself. But, yesterday I sat on a chair lift by myself.  We are in Steamboat Springs attending a conference that we do annually for our staff from Lost Valley. For the last three years, we bring our staff to get a ranch vacation themselves at Vista Verde Ranch(more pictures and stories to come). Last year, we decided to introduce for the first time our little Becca to snow skiing and she LOVED it. So, this year I got to take Becca to the slopes and Tony watched the boys. Which meant, I would venture onto the mountain by my lonesome.
       I am one of those true extroverts that would rather be chewing on sticks with 20 people than eating chocolate cake by myself, just because people make everything better. Well, yesterday I was not chewing on sticks but when I realized I would be by myself on the ski slope, my thoughts jumped from "Hooray, nobody to think of but myself," to "Will flying down hill on two planks alone give me a panic attack?" I dropped Becca off at ski school and let's just say after two runs down the mountain, I wanted to go join my 4 year old for a lunch of chicken nuggets and juice boxes. The weather was gorgeous, the powder was fresh, I had no child asking anything of me, but I also kept wanting to make friends with everyone on the chair lift and ask if I could ski with them. I even stopped on the side of the mountain and attempted to take a picture of myself(sad, huh?).  The views just aren't as breath taking when you can't enjoy them with someone.
        I sat and had barbeque and a beer for lunch and enjoyed meeting cajuns from deep Louisiana to talk gumbo with, but I also stopped to thank the Lord for my very full life. I believe that God created us to have people. And when I have a season of time to myself, my heart seems even more full of gratitude for all my people. My kids, my husband, our friends, our staff, and our guests make my life incredibly full.  I thanked the Lord that as crazy as our life is because of all these people, it would not be as rich without them. We are blessed by people and I am thankful for the gift.  I also reflected on the morning and concluded that I am a social skier and not a lone skier.
Can you see the sad shadow of me holding up my own phone?

Look at our little ski bunny!!!


Morgan said...

I want to be there with you!!! I am your ski buddy!!!!!

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