Monday, February 14, 2011

"My Becca Boo"

    You might have clicked on my "Family" button and been slightly disappointed to find nothing there. Well, I want to pay tribute to my dear family one person at a time. My first introduction is my first born child, Rebecca Grace. She has blessed our lives for four years now and I can't even remember life without her. She has the most tender, yet tenacious spirit. She desires to "mother" everyone from the dogs on the ranch to her own Mom. She is one of those children that remembers EVERYTHING! She is super sharp and loves to learn. (I'm sure I will be blogging soon about my homeschooling endeavors.) She loves being around people and because we are in the guest ranching industry, it is helpful that she is such an extrovert. Her dimples can brighten anyone's day and she does that for our guests and staff regularly. Becca is the perfect big sister, and as she learns to love and nurture her little brothers, I know she will be a great pace setter for both of them. Becca is "uniquely created" and is a living testament to the goodness of her Creator. 

      Last Friday, my sweet "Becca Boo" had her 4th birthday and to celebrate I had three of her friends from our Bible Study drive an hour and a half up here to have a tea party. We did have to reschedule three times because of snow, but we finally got to have our very girly tea party with four 4-5 year old little girls. 
     The girls arrived and they played dress up for about an hour, picking out the perfect dress, putting on accessories, getting their makeup done, and then making their own crowns.  They sat down for the tea party where I had placed "princess" books and "princess" bracelets at each place setting. I had fresh flowers with cute suckers sticking out and served peanut butter and jelly/peanut butter and honey sandwiches cut out in flower, butterfly, and heart shapes.  I could not believe how easy this little party was to make special. Our girls sat down and instead of whining about not getting to eat dessert yet, they served each other tea and had real conversations about the treats on the table. They sat there for about 45 minutes and we could not get over the transformation from little rugrats to proper princesses.
Make up for the princesses.

Making crowns for the princesses.

And our tea party!

You also need to understand one of the many perks of guest ranching...our very own pastry chef!!! Lost Valley has had the same pastry chef for the last year and she is so gifted.  Rachelle is a dear friend and has a passion for cakes.  She makes a special cake for each of my kid's birthdays and this one "took the cake".  Becca not only got to dress up as Snow White, she got to eat Snow White. Thank you, Rachelle! It's worth a stay at Lost Valley just to experience her desserts!


Aly said...

I mean.. the Snow White cake!? AMAZING!!!! I love that I get to see little pieces of Becca's life being miles away!

abby said...

Brooke!!! I am SO glad that I stumbled upon your new it! I miss you here in Dallas (oh the memories at Northbridge). I couldn't go without commenting on this post. I will NEVER forget coming over to your house to meet and hold sweet Becca for the first time. I can't believe she is 4 years old. What in the world?!? Give Tony a hug from me!

Lots of love from Dallas!
Abby Shelby Goins

Heidi K. said...

I'm so glad the party finally adorable!

Anonymous said...

Awww, happy birtday Becca!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I cannot believe how big that girl is getting. P.S. When I read about the dimples...I couldn't agree more. Brooke please give Becca a big hug for me. Miss you all!!!

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