Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Helen's Dead!

      Those of you familiar with Lost Valley Ranch know about our closest climb...Helen's Rock(pictured above). This is the rock where you make it to the top in a quick 20 minutes and then get to hear a 30 minute story about how Helen's Rock became Helen's Rock. To make a really long story short, it involves a two-timing man, two jealous women, calcified manure, a volcano, and Bob Barker...I know, don't ask. Well, no matter who tells the story and how different each interpretation is, the ending is always the same...Helen dies!!!
       We have two female wranglers right now, Kellie and Chelsea, and they decided to plan a whole evening around this story and finally solve the mystery of who killed Helen. Have any of you ever been to a "Murder Mystery" party? We had the best time!!! On this particular night, we did not have any guests, so we were able to do it in our dining room. We each dressed up as a different character and competed as tables. We gathered clues throughout the dinner (even the menu was part of the mystery) and then made our accusations at the end of the meal. These particular girls are so creative and are so gifted at organizing fun events for our staff and this night proved no different, so thank you, Kellie and Chelsea for serving the staff so well!

My husband, the volcano and my son, the calcified manure.

Another piece of manure...cute manure, huh?

        These nights are the memorable ones. When I was a Lost Valley staff girl, it was the spontaneous bear hunts, jam sessions in the dining room, and random dance parties in the girls' bunk house that I remember. I am just thankful that our staff still have no cell phone coverage, no television, and they still live an hour and a half from civilization. And what's even more amazing they don't seem to mind. I have learned to appreciate the simplicity of our lives, and even though all of you out there in the world of instant communication hate that we don't have cell phones, here in the valley we adjust and learn to do without. Instead, we get to enjoy solving a murder of a make-believe person whose remains are supposedly buried under a rock...memorable, right?


Michelle said...

LOVE it! What a fabulous idea!

The Hickels said...

What fun!!!! It sounds like such a special and fun evening.

As a former staff girl myself, yes, the most special memories of my time in the valley are of those fun times with my staff friends---a stamping party crashed by nightwatch & some kitchen guys, the night someone booby-trapped the Attic door, a bear watching us through the dining room windows as we danced after a square dance, the long walks back from the Jail on Wednesday nights, etc. Those of us who have been blessed enough to live in that valley certainly hold special memories of our times there surrounded by dear friends.

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